The Credit Union Advantage

At our core, credit unions are built to serve a community of people. Here, neighbors, coworkers and families come together. As a credit union member, you get more from where you bank. Understanding service. Competitive rates and lower fees. Free financial coaching. All the technology and 24/7 access you expect. While the modern credit union may look a lot like a bank, there are many distinct advantages that set us apart.

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When you're a member, you're an owner.

That means you and other members are in charge. We answer to no one else. No shareholders. No holding companies. Just the people who have an account with us. This provides members access to benefits like our Profit Payout.1 When you bank with us, you have someone in your corner helping you find financial peace of mind.

Competitive rates. Low fees. More convenience.

You want the best accounts, technology and products available. Of course you do, and we’re happy to provide them. You can avoid self-serving banks motivated by their shareholders, fees and unfavorable rates. Instead, come to a place that does what’s best for members. That’s a definite advantage when you bank with a not-for-profit institution.

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You have an entire credit union at your service.

Every day, we serve the very people we answer to: our members. No wonder you see us go the extra mile. You’ll never have to question our motivation, because every decision is shaped by what’s best for our members and our community. That’s probably why you’ll feel so at home here.

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Your hometown is our hometown.

When your community is successful, the people who live there are successful, too. You’ll find us everywhere, with local sponsorships, community involvement or the efforts of our CommunityAmerica Foundation. Our employees even have up to 12 hours of paid volunteer time per year to serve their community however they choose. You care about where you live, and we do, too. Lucky for us, it happens to be the exact same place.


What matters to you matters to us.

What we hold dear isn’t found on a ledger—it’s loyalty, respect, honesty and fairness. That’s what we believe in. We’d love to work with you toward financial peace of mind. After all, you are why we’re here.

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